Monday, February 24, 2014

Colette Patterns Zinnia Skirt and Slouchy Tee

Truth: I like twirly skirts. 

And the Colette Patterns Zinna Skirt is a twirly skirt.

Sometimes it's hard for me to reach for a more basic, neutral fabric when sewing. I mean, if you're looking at cute little stars or cat faces or clouds, how can you go with a boring solid?? 

But I'm getting better at it. Which is good, because the neutral things are really the ones you wear all the time. I mean, you DO need something to wear with those stars and cat faces and clouds. This texture waffle-ish woven fabric fits the bill perfectly.

I love this skirt, and find myself reaching for it all the time. I want to make a few more - maybe out of some of the luscious [yes luscious] new chambrays we just got in at Sew LA.

The slouchy tee is my own pattern made from this drapey knit from Girl Charlee. Just a heads up though, the cut I got was knitted really off grain, so because of how I had to fold it a lot was wasted. But it was quite inexpensive, and I love the color and the print!

P.S. If you're wondering why I'm holding my phone in the first picture, you can read about it here.

Project Stats/Sources, Skirt:
Fabric: Brown textured yarn dyed from Sew LA
Buttons: from Sew LA

Project Stats/Sources, Shirt:
Pattern: my own


  1. What a lovely skirt! Like you I'm often tempted by cool prints and bright colors, but then I don't have anything to wear them with! This is such a great basic that's not boring!


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