Monday, March 24, 2014

Free PDF Sewing Pattern - Big Blue Ikea Bag

It's nice to have pretty things, am I right?

And sometimes we have to do laundry, whilst also living in small spaces, am I right again?

Enter the big blue Ikea bag. I don't know if you've discovered this yet, but those boxy bags are the perfect size and shape for a load of laundry. And unlike laundry baskets, they can be squished into taking up almost no space.

Things are reallllly getting exciting here.

But wait. Starting today, with this free pattern, YOU CAN MAKE YOUR OWN.

Because maybe caustic royal blue doesn't match everyone's decor. Maybe you don't want to be reminded of Ikea every time you do laundry. Maybe you want a laundry bag that's gingham, or one covered in cherries.

Deny yourself no more!

Click on the picture above to download! You'll get a free PDF with with fully illustrated instructions and a tiled pattern piece to be printed on 8.5x11 paper. This is a super duper fun and easy project for sewers of all levels!

This works great with oilcloth or laminated cotton. The plastic element mimics the structure of the Ikea bags, and it makes the bag stand open unaided.

I would actually love your feedback regarding anything - and I mean anything - about the pattern. I'm planning to do more in the future, so all opinions or suggestions, criticisms or compliments you might have would be so appreciated! You can leave a comment here, or email me at devon[at]miss make[dot]com.

ALSO, I just started a sad little fledgling Flickr pool for Miss Make patterns, so if you make any laundry bags, post them pleeeaaassee.

So download, sew, and launder away!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

What Miss Made: Green Bee Patterns Lela Tunic

We all know what it's like to be chastised by the dentist.

How often do you floss?


But what about being chastised by the eye doctor?

During my most recent eye exam, the doctor was quite appalled that I wear my two week contacts for more than two weeks. So after steeling myself against the shame and marching out of that office with my head held high and a glasses prescription in hand, I decided to invest in a new pair of frames from Warby Parker.

Because my eyes are bad, ya'll. Like I should have probably been naturally deselected.

I love my new glasses! They are the Finch frames in Violet Magnolia.

And how about this cute tunic?? This is the Green Bee Patterns Lela Top in the tunic length. It's the comfiest, breeziest thing to throw on over skinny jeans and boots. It's a little hard to tell from my version, but there are really interesting seam lines that lend themselves to some neato color blocking possibilities.

The fabric is a light, crisp cotton from The Fabric Store in LA. It somehow magically doesn't wrinkle after washing. I do not understand the magic. But I accept it. 

If you're local and haven't gone to The Fabric Store yet, GO THERE NOW. They are awesome. They're headquartered in New Zealand, and have such a great selection of beautiful fabrics at totally decent prices. [If you want more fabric eye candy, my friend Christine has a fabric laden post about some of the goods she found there.]

Tangent: When I was taking these pictures, Hootie was having a kitty crazy time in the yard. There is one picture when, right as the shutter went off, he decided to leap into the air. Just the beginning of his leap made it into the frame, but it's in one of the pictures in this post. Can you find him?

Also, if you like the necklace I'm wearing, it's made by rad local artist Cathy Callahan. Check out her website, she's awesome!

Project Stats:
Fabric: from The Fabric Store

Monday, February 24, 2014

What Miss Made: Colette Patterns Zinnia Skirt and Slouchy Tee

Truth: I like twirly skirts.

And the Colette Patterns Zinna Skirt is a twirly skirt.

Sometimes it's hard for me to reach for a more basic, neutral fabric when sewing. I mean, if you're looking at cute little stars or cat faces or clouds, how can you go with a boring solid?? 

But I'm getting better at it. Which is good, because the neutral things are really the ones you wear all the time. I mean, you DO need something to wear with those stars and cat faces and clouds. This texture waffle-ish woven fabric fits the bill perfectly.

I love this skirt, and find myself reaching for it all the time. I want to make a few more - maybe out of some of the luscious [yes luscious] new chambrays we just got in at Sew LA.

The slouchy tee is my own pattern made from this drapey knit from Girl Charlee. Just a heads up though, the cut I got was knitted really off grain, so because of how I had to fold it a lot was wasted. But it was quite inexpensive, and I love the color and the print!

P.S. If you're wondering why I'm holding my phone in the first picture, you can read about it here.

Project Stats/Sources, Skirt:
Fabric: Brown textured yarn dyed from Sew LA
Buttons: from Sew LA

Project Stats/Sources, Shirt:
Pattern: my own

Thursday, February 6, 2014

What Miss Made: Kwik Sew 3491 Hooded Bomber Jacket

If I was to attempt to sum up what style I'm usually trying to achieve when choosing sewing projects, this jacket just might be it.

Utilitarian, slightly rugged, but with girlish touches, layer-able, pockets, and a hood. Yep, pretty much what I go for.

This was a Kwik Sew pattern that I bought in a paranoid haze right before Sew LA's most recent Black Friday sale. The style was right up my alley, and I was worried that a heavy discount might mean there wouldn't be any left come Saturday morn. As it turned out my fears were unfounded and we did not in fact sell out of Kwik Sew 3491 on Black Friday, but you never can be too careful.

And the fabric. Oh the fabric. I will do my best to describe this exquisite fabric to you, but I will undoubtedly fall short, because it is divine. It is a grey cotton moleskin by Robert Kaufman. Quell any visions of rodent skin and instead imagine a soft, luscious cross between velvet and suede. It's like velvet and suede had a lovechild that inherited only the best genes [and a convenient washability].

The pattern wasn't lined, but I had been eyeing this gorgeous floral lawn for weeks in the shop, and decided it must be so. Coincidentally it was purchased in the same paranoid haze as the pattern. [My paranoid hazes are limited, I promise.]

This is the first outerwear project I've made, and all in all it was a little less intimidating than I expected. You know how some projects just try to defy you at every turn? This one was very well behaved. So if you've been considering making a coat or jacket, this girl says, do it!

When I was attaching the back facing, I thought it needed some sort of little detail, so without thinking or judging I appliqu├ęd a heart 'tag' onto it. Because why not. I DARE YOU TO TELL ME WHY NOT.

According to the Kwik Sew website, this pattern is discontinued. BUT it appears that they still have copies for sale, and they're only $6! So if you're diggin' this, hurry!

Project Specs
Pattern: Kwik Sew 3491
Lining Fabric: Japanese floral lawn from Sew LA
Ribbing: from Michael Levine

Friday, January 31, 2014

What Miss Made: Deer & Doe Plantain T-Shirt [dress]

Sometimes, it's late in the day and you're at work, and then a dress starts to happen, and there's nothing you can do to stop it.

It was the Deer & Doe Plantain pattern that overcame me. I've been seeing so many cute ones popping up, and then Anna from Paunnet posted her adorable dress version, and it was over. Had to have.

Luckily I had recently made a KwikSew flouncy knit skirt, and even more luckily I was actually able to find the pattern. So clearly I had no choice to make a Plantain with a flouncy skirt.

I cut the size 38 in the top, and then tapered it into the waist. It matched the top of the skirt pretty well so I just went with it. Because you know, knits forgive us the worst of our trespasses, like not having pattern pieces that match each other. Thanks, knits!

I ended up having to take the skirt off and shorten the waist a little more at approximately 2AM. Swear, snip snip, sip of wine, sew. You know the drill.

 I was perhaps overly excited that the elbow patches actually hit right at my elbows when using the pattern placement. I thought that they would be way too low, like maybe I had weird elbows and just never knew. I don't know why this was a fear I had. But it was. Luckily, they worked out perfectly!

I really loved making this and plan to do a few more as shirts. Thanks Deer & Doe for the great [free] pattern!

Also now I really want some fried plantains.

Project Stats:
Pattern: Deer & Doe Plaintain Tee on top, KwikSew 3513 on bottom
Fabric Sources: Girl Charlee and Sew LA


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