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Kwik Sew 3491 Hooded Bomber Jacket

Kwik Sew 3491 Hooded Bomber Jacket

Kwik Sew 3491 Hooded Bomber Jacket


If I was to attempt to sum up what style I'm usually trying to achieve when choosing sewing projects, this jacket just might be it.


Utilitarian, slightly rugged, but with girlish touches, layer-able, pockets, and a hood. Yep, pretty much what I go for.

This was a Kwik Sew pattern that I bought in a paranoid haze right before Sew LA's most recent Black Friday sale. The style was right up my alley, and I was worried that a heavy discount might mean there wouldn't be any left come Saturday morn. As it turned out my fears were unfounded and we did not in fact sell out of Kwik Sew 3491 on Black Friday, but you never can be too careful.


And the fabric. Oh the fabric. I will do my best to describe this exquisite fabric to you, but I will undoubtedly fall short, because it is divine. It is a grey cotton moleskin by Robert Kaufman. Quell any visions of rodent skin and instead imagine a soft, luscious cross between velvet and suede. It's like velvet and suede had a lovechild that inherited only the best genes [and a convenient washability].


The pattern wasn't lined, but I had been eyeing this gorgeous floral lawn for weeks in the shop, and decided it must be so. Coincidentally it was purchased in the same paranoid haze as the pattern. [My paranoid hazes are limited, I promise.]


This is the first outerwear project I've made, and all in all it was a little less intimidating than I expected. You know how some projects just try to defy you at every turn? This one was very well behaved. So if you've been considering making a coat or jacket, this girl says, do it!


When I was attaching the back facing, I thought it needed some sort of little detail, so without thinking or judging I appliquéd a heart 'tag' onto it. Because why not. I DARE YOU TO TELL ME WHY NOT.


According to the Kwik Sew website, this pattern is discontinued. BUT it appears that they still have copies for sale, and they're only $6! So if you're diggin' this, hurry!

Project Specs

Pattern: Kwik Sew 3491

Main Fabric: Chamonix Cotton Moleskin in Grey by Robert Kaufman from Sew LA

Lining Fabric: Japanese floral lawn from Sew LA

Ribbing: from Michael Levine

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