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Deer & Doe Plantain T-Shirt [dress]

Deer & Doe Plantain T-Shirt [dress]

Deer & Doe Plantain T-Shirt [dress]


Sometimes, it's late in the day and you're at work, and then a dress starts to happen, and there's nothing you can do to stop it.


It was the Deer & Doe Plantain pattern that overcame me. I've been seeing so many cute ones popping up, and then Anna from Paunnet posted her adorable dress version, and it was over. Had to have.

Luckily I had recently made a KwikSew flouncy knit skirt, and even more luckily I was actually able to find the pattern. So clearly I had no choice to make a Plantain with a flouncy skirt.


I cut the size 38 in the top, and then tapered it into the waist. It matched the top of the skirt pretty well so I just went with it. Because you know, knits forgive us the worst of our trespasses, like not having pattern pieces that match each other. Thanks, knits!


I ended up having to take the skirt off and shorten the waist a little more at approximately 2AM. Swear, snip snip, sip of wine, sew. You know the drill.


I was perhaps overly excited that the elbow patches actually hit right at my elbows when using the pattern placement. I thought that they would be way too low, like maybe I had weird elbows and just never knew. I don't know why this was a fear I had. But it was. Luckily, they worked out perfectly!


I really loved making this and plan to do a few more as shirts. Thanks Deer & Doe for the great [free] pattern!


Also now I really want some fried plantains.

Project Stats:

Pattern: Deer & Doe Plaintain Tee on top, KwikSew 3513 on bottom

Fabric Sources: Girl Charlee and Sew LA

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