Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Diamond Stitch Crochet Baby Blanket


Today I bring you a rare finished yarn project.

This soft and snuggly blanket is for the same friend [and baby] recipient of the log cabin quilt I made a little while ago. I crocheted a blanket for baby numero uno, and apparently he liked it very much, so baby dos can't be left out, can she?


The colors are the same ones I used for the quilt, which were chosen by mama-to-be, so I can't take any credit there. The darkest color is reading as black but it's actually navy. For the pattern, I followed this tutorial. I wish I could tell you how long I made my foundation chain, but I have no idea and I didn't write it down [so helpful, I know].


I used all acrylic yarn for washing machine and baby compatibility. The white yarn is from one of those giant mega skeins they sell at Joann's. I've used it for several projects and it has barely gotten any smaller. It is so large and fuzzy and creature-like that my knitting group decided it needed a name.

So his name is Frederick. I should have taken his picture, but I didn't. Don't worry - he'll probably be around for a while.


The tutorial was super easy to follow, although for some reason one of my edges looks really crazy and the other one is nice and straight and even. I'm not sure why because I was changing colors at both sides. Also I accidentally made the blanket one or possibly two double crochet[s] wider about halfway through.

Artistic choices.


So after a wash and dry cycle [I use a lingerie bag] this blanket will be shipped across the Atlantic on the heels of its matching quilt counterpart.

I don't think I'm done with the baby projects yet, though...this is the first friend-baby since I started sewing knits, and I'm suddenly eyeing all my half yard remnants and realizing the baby wardrobe potential...

What are your favorite knit things to sew for babies?


  1. That is gorgeous! I've always wanted to make a blanket in this pattern. I might have to use up my stash yarn.

  2. Baby Numero Dos is a lucky girl. My mom made me a crocheted blanket when I was a newborn, a giant granny square, and after I was too big to wrap it around me I used it to swaddle my dolls. I'm betting this blanket has an equally long and well-loved life. As for baby knits, I have no recommendation of my own, but would definitely recommend checking out Zoe's archives on So Zo...What Do You Know? She's done a lot of baby knits, and I think Kids Sewing Week was recently, too, so there should be plenty of ideas to keep you busy.

  3. Stunning! That Baby will be swaddled in love! I am currently on a sewing for Baby kick, as I am due any day now! I've mostly made onesies and one-pieces (like a pajama, but without the feet) and they are so adorable. Barely use any fabric! I also love making baby hats ( has a great free pattern and tutorial) with the scraps. For Baby patterns I can highly recommend brindille and twig. they are on etsy, but also have their own website.
    Make all the Baby things!

  4. What a lucky baby to be surrounded by such fantastic colors!


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