Thursday, November 14, 2013

Constellation Quilt

Hello folks. I give you: my latest quilt.

This quilt top has been hanging out in my work cubby for MONTHS and MONTHS. Its folded up little self mocked me every day with its unfinished-ness, yet I couldn't muster up the energy to get it done.

Then I finally came across a sheet I had been hoarding saving for a number of years. I shall choose to refer to it as "vintage," although it is quite humbly from a Target sheet set I had in within the last decade, so I believe the more accurate term would be "just kinda old." Old sheet or vintage sheet, I very much liked the print, and it happened to go perfectly with the top, so quilt back it became.

Before you try to decipher this constellation and use it to draw conclusions about my personality, know that a) I'm not intro astrology and b) this is a completely made up constellation. I like constellations in general because I find their constance reassuring. I like looking up wherever I am and however many years have passed and seeing the same celestial friends shining down on me. But when I was caught up in the ferver of just a'wingin' this quilt top, I did not have the time [read: I was too lazy] to map out a specific constellation. So made up constellation it was.

I think it's convincing, no?

For quilting, I outlined each of the stars a few times, then filled in the space between them with a some swirlies. The fabric is a beautiful drapey yarn-dyed linen rayon blend, which was lovely to work with, but my paranoia about those 1/4" seams fraying in the wash led me to be quite thorough with my star-outlining.

This is when I said, "Pretend you're a catalogue model."

Apparently people in catalogues wave at other imaginary people.

I really love how this quilt turned out. It's currently residing on the back of my living room couch, and will be at the top of the rotation for winter time TV watching warmth.


  1. This is really cute! I love it!

  2. Love this quilt! Beautiful work! And excellent casting for your model. He did a great job - love the fake wave. ;)

  3. Chris is clearly a natural at this! Oh, and nice quilt :)


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