Saturday, October 12, 2013

Autumn Washi Dress

This fall at Sew LA I'll be teaching a more autumnal version of the perpetually popular Washi  Dress from Made By Rae.

We'll be adding sleeves [which Rae has as a free download on her website] and going with the scoop neck option.

I love how versatile this pattern is. A wintery fabric and a few little changes and you have a totally new dress. Versatility, people! Versatility!

And of course...POCKETS!

You can sign up for the next session of the class on the Sew LA website here!

Fabric is from Yuwa Fabrics.


  1. I have never been drawn to this pattern, but I love the long sleeves and the fabric you chose! Now I want to make one!

  2. This is really pretty on you. I love the fabric!

  3. I love this dress, just perfect for winter. What fabric is it made from and where did you get it from? I NEED some as well!

  4. it's a Japanese fabric, I believe from Yuwa fabrics, but I'm not sure of the name though... : / if I come across any of the selvage in my scraps I'll let you know!


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