Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Today, I am tired.

This is because last night I went to prom.

It was Promaballoona, the highly anticipated prom-themed birthday party I've been babbling about for the past week. The birthday prom queen of the hour was the fabulous and hilarious sewing blogger Oona from Oonaballoona.

It was a night filled with spiked punch, tacky photo backdrops, amazing handmade prom dresses, and much squealing over said dresses.

I was delighted to have a very dapper date, who sported a bow tie I made to precisely match my princess prom dress. Just disgusting, right??

Oona made a grand entrance in a floor length version of the Derby Dress, one of Christine Haynes' recently released adorable patterns. [I've made the Derby Dress too, you can see pictures on Christine's blog here!] Here are the two of them cavorting as only prom-goers can:

The dress that I made was actually the Sewaholic Cambie dress pattern. I applied the tried and true equation of dress + tulle = prom dress in an appropriately loud shade of blue, and I must say I was very pleased with the results. There was more than one mention that night of the dress' overt Disney princess qualities, which I interpreted only as high compliments.

My base fabric was Robert Kaufman Ultra Sateen in Aqua. Then I added some tacky/itchy Joann's tulle to the sleeves and skirt. I'm working on a tutorial for each in case anyone is interested in making their own Cambie Disney Prom Princess dress. Because admit it, you are.

Oona front and center with the ladies of Sew LA:

We were all so happy and excited at the turnout, and that people really actually made dresses. There were so many good ones! Here are a few more pictures. To see the full roll of photo booth awesomeness check out Sew LA's facebook page here.


  1. This is amazing! Now I want to do this for my bday!

  2. prom queen!!! your pictures are freaking ADORABLE... the joint was jumpin, such a terrific time.

  3. Awesome photos, what a fantastic night! Your princess dress was deeevine!


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