Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Ohio Quilt - Round Two

People from Ohio like to slap their state on things, myself included. So when my cousin saw the original Ohio quilt that I made, she got excited and requested a custom one, in a throw size. I happily obliged.

The design request: she said she liked turquoise, purple, red and chartreuse, and a mixture of Anthropologie and West Elm. So I went with those colors and looked for prints that worked for the kind of modern / boho thing both of those places have going on.

The back is a gray on gray Alexander Henry print called Marchesa. I thought mixing that print with the stripe of prints from the front was again kind of Anthro. 

The binding is the same Marchesa print fabric. For quilting I went with my usual old free motion squiggles.

I find it so hard to do anything but free motion squiggles, because they just make it so soft and snuggly when washed.

These pictures were actually taken in Ohio. Let it be known that I did not go to Ohio just to take pictures of an Ohio quilt. But I wish that Miss Make had that kind of bloggin' budget.

 A special thanks to my brother for being an exemplary quilt-holder while I took a zillion pictures, which is more exhausting than you might imagine.

 And for standing with the quilt over his head so I could take this picture.

I still want to make a California quilt. It's one of the gazillion things waiting in my mental project queue. Maybe someday...


  1. That quilt is amazing. Message me with how much one would cost? I might have to let Drew know I need this...

  2. Love your quilt. You've made me want to make a Michigan quilt like it. Love the colors you have chosen. Beautiful job!

  3. wow, holy gorgeousness batman.

  4. This is awesome! One thing though, you forgot Marblehead... :) It's that tiny peninsula between toledo and cleveland.

    I think this would be great to do as a mini-maybe make it into a pillow, then you could collect your favorite states! :)

  5. Amazing quilt! I love the colors and your free form squiggles. I would love to see a California quilt~!

  6. Aww, I love it! So beautiful! throw-pillow-states sound like a great new line for Miss Make ;) .....


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