Friday, March 9, 2012

Giant Tomato Pincushion

I love things that are the wrong size.

Like those giant iPhones in the Apple store windows? Want. I don't even know why. Maybe to make into a giant nightlight. To float in the pool I don't have. I dunno, I can't explain it.

When I was little, my brother and I had these banks shaped like giant crayons. They were as tall as we were back then. And they were awesome.

you wish you were this cool

Those giant ice cream cone lamps? Been on my wishlist for a while now. Someday.

yes please

Anyway, for the Colette Patterns book signing at Sew LA a few weeks ago, there was a photobooth setup, and I volunteered to make some props. For some reason I instantly thought, Giant Tomato Pincushion.

I used quilting weight red panels edged in green piping. It was my first attempt at piping and I must say, not nearly as scary as I thought! I stuffed the whole thing with styrofoam pellets meant for a beanbag chair. Did you know you can buy a ginormous bag of those for $12 at Bed Bath & Beyond? Yep!

I realized after I made it that it's the perfect size for an ottoman or floor pouf. So now my sewing room chair has an accessory. You could totally make the same pattern out of a different fabric [minus the leafy top] and have a cute living room floor pouf.

I'm planning on writing up a pattern for this, both tomato version and floor pouf version...whatcha'll think? Interested?


  1. Yes! Do it! I want giant tomatoes in my house! :)

  2. Would look cool with a few oversized knitting needles stuck in it!

    1. good idea!! i was trying to think of a way to do something like that without wrecking the fabric...maybe a few teeny tiny button holes scattered throughout the red to stick the knitting needles in??

  3. So awesome! I was just showing my hubby that I want one too! Yes please write up a pattern!!

  4. this looks great!! please print the pattern!

  5. Oh my gosh, you even have to ask?


  6. Found you via Sew,Mama,Sew! - your gigantic tomato pincushion is just too awesome for words!

  7. Yes, yes, yes!! Pattern, please. :)

  8. let us know when there is a pattern! Awesome gifts!

  9. How cool! Only one on the web I've seen!
    You need to sell the pattern! Be compensated by your awesome idea!

  10. YES MAKE A PATTERN!! I, too, LOVE things that are not to scale!! big and small! :)

  11. How cute is that! Your pattern is sure to make a huge hit!

  12. Clever and cute, love your kitty too!

  13. Where can I get the pattern?!

  14. where can I get this pattern?!

  15. I love this soooo much! I have always had a fondness for that red tomato pin cushion and keep one with my sewing supplies. A tomato pin cushion poof seems like the perfect accessory for a sewing room. Also I had a crayon shaped tube of wrapping paper for a long time. Even after the wrap was gone I had a hard time letting go of that silly giant crayon.



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