Hello, my name is DEVON iott.

That's Iott with an 'i', as in 'igloo.' I love learning how things are made and making them. I'm always on the lookout for a new hobby. 

I currently live in Atlanta with my boyfriend and a very rambunctious kitten named Special Agent Dale Cooper.



Professional stuff

Currently   |   Brand Manager for Ruby Star Society

Past   |   Captain of Creative Communications for Cotton+Steel Fabrics   |   Education Creative Coordinator for Singer Viking Pfaff sewing machines  |   Sewing teacher in Los Angeles and Nashville

THINGS I've photographed / authored:

Moneta, Dahlia, Phoebe, Selene & Myrtle sewalongs for Colette Patterns

Various tutorials for the Colette Patterns Blog

Various Block Paper Scissors columns for Seamwork Magazine

Article: "Mummies, Victorians and Punks" for Seamwork Magazine, Issue 10, September 2015

Article: "Farm to Fabric: The Story of Wool" for Seamwork Magazine, Issue 4, March 2015