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Closet Case Files Bombshell Swimsuit

Closet Case Files Bombshell Swimsuit

Closet Case Files Bombshell Swimsuit


If someone told me three years ago that someday I would willingly post detailed pictures of myself in a bathing suit on the internet, I would have scoffed at them and then worried about what my life had become. But in the name of sewing, and because of all the brave souls that did this before me, here are pictures of me in my finished Closet Case Files Bombshell Swimsuit.

Seeing everyone else's cute bathing suits made me finally hop on the Bombshell train and make one [they are all so cute!!], but I actually bought this pattern like a year ago. Since then there's been a half finished Bombshell mocking me from the pile of wadded-up unfinished things laying in a heap under my cutting table. But I didn't cut the right size, I was rushing and didn't use thread that matched very well, so I finally relegated that sad little failure to the trash can and started over. I even reprinted and reassembled the PDF. Serious business.

The second attempt went much better. I used a black and white polka dot from Spandex World that I ordered erroneously for a pair of leggings, but when I got it it was slippery and weird so I decided it should become a bathing suit. I don't really know if it's officially swimwear fabric but it seemed to work out ok.


For my first time making swimwear, I must say things went pretty well. I didn't have trouble understanding the instructions and assembly-wise everything made sense. There were a couple parts where I had to re-read a few times and then just blindly follow but that's just because it was my first time making it.


I opted to add a shelf bra with foam cups because, like Lauren, I don't want nippage at the beach, and I wanted the shelf for extra support. The fabric I used was fabric that I bought because I thought the pantyhose-nude color meant it was swimsuit lining, but my awesome co-worker-at-the-time Haley, who knows more about such things, informed me gently that it was not and picked some up for me while she was shopping. So it's actually just horribly colored swimwear fabric. Like seriously who would want a bathing suit that color?? But it worked great for the shelf bra.


To make it, I just cut the top 6" of the swimsuit lining pattern piece, stretched and zigzagged a piece of 1/2" elastic to the bottom, and stole a pair of foam cups from an old swimsuit that I don't wear any more. I smooshed them down onto the bra and zig zagged around all the edges. Then I just incorporated it as another layer around the top. It was pretty easy! Make sure you try the thing on to figure out where to attach the cups so you don't accidentally give yourself any deformities.

Size wise, my measurements are 33-27-38, so I cut from 6 at the bust to 8 at the waist to 10 at the hips. Those sizes are a little under my measurements but I definitely didn't want it too big. The fit is great everywhere, although I cut the length at the bottom at the size 10 and I think it's too long on me. There are little droopy bits of fabric at the back bottom. If I were to make it again I would cut a size or two smaller there.

One thing I didn't do was serge around the edges that get elastic attached and folded to the inside. Partly this was because I was worried it would be too bulky, but mostly it was because by this point it was really late at night and I just wanted to finish.


I love the retro glam look of this bathing suit, and it's really, really flattering. Like everyone else has said, you really do feel great in it. I would love to make another one but I wear a bathing suit approximately 1.5 times a year so I don't know if I will. But hm, maybe I should re-evaluate my life priorities.

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