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Dolman Sleeve Top + Wanderlust Fabrics

Dolman Sleeve Top + Wanderlust Fabrics

Dolman Sleeve Top + Wanderlust Fabrics


So I used to think dolman sleeves looked silly. But now I like them.

Good story?

I made this top yesterday because I have a severe lack of cute tops in my wardrobe. At least that's how it always feels when I get dressed. Like those things you need when you really want to feel like you're wearing a t-shirt, but look like you're wearing more than a t-shirt.


I self drafted, which was pretty simple - the front and back are the same piece with different necklines. The cuffs and band are about 25% smaller than the edges they're attached to.

I put clear elastic in the shoulder seams to stabilize them, but my differential wasn't quite set properly and they got accidentally ruched a little. But I'm ok with it!


And hey, where's that adorable super soft rayon knit from? Why, it's from my new sponsor, Wanderlust Fabrics! If you haven't gone to drool over their fabrics yet, then by all means, treat yourself. They carry really cute, high quality knits, rayons, and other apparel fabrics.

One of the cool things about Wanderlust [besides their fabric] is that when you order something, you get a bunch of little swatches of their fabrics. We all know how hard it is to shop online for apparel fabrics, so it's nice to be able to feel and touch. These are all from one order.


And also LOOK AT THIS HORSE RAYON KNIT that I bought.


As a horse lover I always think it's hard to find horse fabric that isn't juvenile or super cheese ball [just because you like horses doesn't mean you also like bandana print] but I think this one was a good find, no?
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