Hello! I'm Devon Iott, the blogger/founder of Miss Make. I grew up in rural Ohio and went to film school in Los Angeles. After working in the film industry for several years I found my way to teaching sewing, and I went on to teach at multiple places throughout the LA area. I lived in Nashville for a few years and worked for Singer-Viking-Pfaff sewing machines. Now I live in Atlanta and work for the fabric company Cotton+Steel (and I love my job!!).

I love learning how things are made, and then making them. I have this blog to chronicle my makes. While it's now primarily about sewing, I do occasionally post a recipe or non-sewing project. I hope you find it enjoyable, or at least a fun distraction during your day! If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to shoot me an email at devon[at]missmake[dot]com.

[I know my name looks kinda weird. Here's how you say it: DEH-vin EYE-it. Yep, that last name starts with an 'i'.]

Things I like more:
The smell of mud
Board games
High production value historical dramatic television shows with superior performances
Outer space
Weird flours
Big Sur
Tin roofs
Liz Lemon
Hand sewing [except for buttons]

Things I like less:
Intense internet soapboxing
How heavy cat litter is
Snipping thread tails & weaving in ends
My avocado allergy [truly a tragedy]

Some sample daily activites:
Starting yet another knitting/crochet project
Self righteously buying too much produce whilst grocery shopping
Making many batches of experimental banana bread [see above]
Failing to convince potted plants to live just a little longer
Despite this, dreaming of an elaborate garden
Learning to like the gym
Talking to my cat


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