Thursday, August 14, 2014

Partial Fail: Kwik Sew 3854


Ok so. Here are some shorts I made. They're Kwik Sew 3854.

I can't decide about them. I think they might be a fail. Not necessarily a Sewing Fail, but a Project Choice Fail, a Not the Most Flattering Fail, a Will Probably Never Wear Outside the House Fail.

Let's start with the pattern envelope.


I know that illustration on the left is terrifying. But I saw could see through those aggressive pleats that were ready to devour my thighs. I saw potential. They made me think of vintage sailor ladies. In the shorter length they could be cute, right?

Well...from the front they make me think of my fourth grade teacher, who was awesome, but every day wore high waisted pleated shorts and opaque white tights with a turtleneck and sweater vest.


Also, those little triangles are leather, which I thought would be a cute detail because there is topstitching there, and I don't know, ok? But now when I look at them, all I can see is A FACE. And it is weeping.

And then from the back...I use the term Vintage Bootyshorts. My mom said she thought Hot Pants was more accurate. I suppose it depends on the individual.


I know they aren't even that crazy short, but the hem is just so full. I had to sew the pleats down, because with the stiffness of the hem the bottom edge was hanging at least six inches away from my butt. It was DRAFTY.

Should I maybe wear them with my shirt untucked?


No, don't think so.

From some angles - and maybe from a distance? - I like these.


But then other angles? I just don't know! Maybe they're just outside my comfort zone.


What do you guys think?


  1. I think they're really cute! Love the little triangles. Maybe could you cuff them to make them a touch longer?

  2. I think they are cute! But you are really the only one who can decide if you'll wear them or not. If I don't feel comfortable then it won't get that much wear, no matter how it looks. And vice versa, I probably shouldn't wear some of the stuff I wear all the time :D Give the shorts some time, maybe you'll learn to love them :)

  3. I think they are amazingly cute! I only noticed the sad face when you mentioned it, before (and after!) you mentioned the face I thought the little triangles were adorable. I do hope you wear them but I can totally relate to not feeling it with clothes.

  4. No way dude, I think they are super cute! I actually really like the full hem in the stiffer fabric. However, I totally understand your hesitation bc sometimes pictures look better than real life. Boo. But in the pictures, anyway, these rule!

  5. I think they are cute and love the leather detail. But if you feel uncomfortable in them then don't force yourself to wear them just cuz. Maybe you could lengthen them somehow ??

  6. I like them, but I understand your hesitation about the shortness near the booty--I tend to have that in shorts as well. Why don't you try adding a few extra of those leather triangles to mimic sailor buttons? That'd get rid of the face you're seeing...

  7. Girl, you are crazy. I'm with everyone else. They look awesome (very like the Kate and Laney Tap Shorts, to me!) I bet if you dare to wear them out to do a quick errand, you'll end up feeling gorgeous!

  8. I love the term "vintage bootyshorts" and I think these are very cute - especially the triangle detail.

  9. These look so cute on you, in my opinion! You've got the legs for vintage bootyshorts, dude!

  10. I second Sonja! Start a vintage bootyshort trend!

  11. I love hot pants like these! I'm totally going to a pair of these to wear with tights and boots, like your teacher.

    1. when you said boots i suddenly imagined how to wear them with boots and tights and i THINK THAT MIGHT BE MY SOLUTION!!!!

  12. I like them! I really like shorts with a full hem, they are like little miniskirts--or "vintage bootyshorts," which, really, how can that be a bad thing?

  13. Totally cute! Also, I kinda like it with the shirt untucked :)

  14. I agree with everyone and think they're really cute! They are short, but I actually love the length too. They make your legs look really long!

  15. I think the length is just right for the fullness of the shorts and on you. The only less-than-flattering element may be the lack of a defined waist-band given the high waist. I actually like them with the shirt un-tucked. Maybe a belt to go with those boots?

  16. Oh I had such a fail with the button version of these! I must say stitching down the pleats makes yours very cute - I couldn't imagine them being open and flapping around. I think they're a win but you gotta be comfy to keep wearing them, don't you? I vote tucked in too btw.

  17. Baaahahaha "A face, and it is weeping" - I die. But really, these are super cute! Sometimes the garments I'm not so sure about right away are ones I later fall in love with and become favorites! Give 'em a chance :)


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