Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Liberated Log Cabin Quilt Class

When I make quilts, I get sort of impatient. I don't like to spend a lot of time cutting everything out before I start sewing. I much prefer to hack up a bunch of strips and get to work on the machine.

In my new Liberated Log Cabin quilt class at Sew LA, that's what we'll be doing! You'll learn a fun and modern take on the traditional log cabin block and end up with this throw quilt top to finish as you wish.

It's a three session class that starts Sunday, Oct. 7th.

I love the way the sample turned out...the colors! So autumnal! So cozy and snuggly! Right now it's laying over the back of the couch in the shop, but I can't wait to steal it away for my own couch...


  1. how much do i love your footed quilt. i want to play!!! the whole planning thng has always been the thng keeping me from it.

  2. Those are TOTALLY Haley's feet :)


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