Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Promaballoona at Sew LA

Soooo I'm making a prom dress today. For me.

Allow me to explain.

The fabulous sewing blogger Oona [pictured above] from the blog Oonaballoona is going to be having her prom themed birthday party at Sew LA on Sunday at 9pm. It's called Promaballoona. And it's going to be the best fake prom you have ever seen. Spiked punch, a dance floor, awkward photo setup...everything you remember and tried to forget. It's open to anyone [do come if you're in LA!] and you can dress as a prom-goer from any era.

Here are the main ingredients of my yet-to-be-made dress. The first is the Sewaholic Cambie dress. View B is a little prom-ish in the right fabric, no?

Second, this shiny aqua cotton sateen from Robert Kaufman. It's cotton so it will be easy and quick to work with, but it's oh so shiny and fancy looking. It's also a lot more saturated than the picture implies.

And lastly. My favorite. Eight yards of the most wonderfully tacky aqua metallic tulle from Joann's. YES.

The pictures don't truly capture the glory of this tulle. It is slightly iridescent, and makes me think of a toddler's mermaid costume. In the best way possible.

My real life prom dress was a knee length strapless pink shiny dress that had pink flowers stuck on it. What was yours?


  1. my prom dress was vintage and awesome but all i remember is my boyfriend making us leave early and saying "sex tonight makes sense, right?" barf.

  2. I demand a photo of your real life prom dress! Mine was a short dress in an aqua color similar to your tulle, with some beading on the bodice. I wish I could go back and tell my 18 year old self to match less and dance more.

    1. i need to dig up pictures, they are in ohio! and yes i definitely wore a pink beaded necklace, pink earrings, and pink satiny strappy sandals with my pink dress.

  3. oh! love it. i am SICK over everyone's fabric choices and want to remake my whole dress!!! i was even in joann's today with birthday money. you should have seen the fondling of tulle.

    my dress IRL was so boring, i didn't even get a picture.

    1. there was much fondling of tulle when i went into joann's was almost embarrassing. almost.

  4. I got some of the same shimmer tulle at Joann's, but in champagne :)
    can't wait!!!

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