Friday, June 22, 2012

Scrappy Name Block

Happy Friday everybody! This is part of what I've been up to today. It's part of a big custom project I'm working on right now, and can't wait to blog about when it's finished.

This is going to be the center of a quilt for a little girl named Frankie. I improve pieced the name with scraps, and though it was a little tedious [I can be an impatient quilter] it was totally worth it!

The Alice in Wonderland portion came from a t-shirt. It arrived already roughly cut out in a not-square shape with barely 1/2" of clearance all the way around the design. It first I was panicky but then I thought it would be an opportunity to do a little bit of wonky cool piecing. Hence the weird angles all the way around it. But in the end it ended up looking pretty nifty!

Here's a tip: if you're ever piecing a quilt with t-shirts, or any other stretchy fabrics, iron a piece of lightweight interfacing to the back of the fabric before you cut. It will make your life SO much easier, and all the knit pieces that you cut will hold their shape.

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