Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Tutorial: Happy Raincloud Mobile

A few weeks ago I got a really exciting email.

I had been selected to participate in the Scribble Shop challenge. It's kind of like 'Iron Chef' for crafty bloggers, except I did it in my living room, and there were sadly no dramatic sound effects. They sent me a box filled with assorted craft supplies with one instruction: make something.

When my box arrived I eagerly ripped it open to discover:

- pretty glass gems
- a stencil
- stick-on felt shapes
- glitter embellishments

I really liked the glass marbles because they looked like little dewdrops.

I'm a sucker for greenish hued glass anyway so I knew I wanted to use those. So I decided to make a lil raindrop mobile.

And the little dewdrops were going to be the sparkly raindrops.

I know people usually complain when it rains but personally I love the rain, it makes me feel calm and peaceful and happy inside. So it was going to be a happy raincloud mobile. Closeup of happy:

From the above list I used Mod Podge, the glass marbles, the stick-on felt, and popsicle sticks. From my own stash I added these items, they can all also be found at Scribble Shop:

- gold metallic crochet thread [silver would be pretty too]

And here's what I did!

First I crocheted all the little gold raindrop nets.

[NOTE: If you don't know how to crochet, don't fret! You can skip this part, and instead just try knotting the end of a piece of crochet thread and gluing the knot to a drop with very strong industrial glue like E-6000.]

Using a size D hook, chain 4 and join to form a ring.

Then chain 3, and dc 5 times in the center ring.

Slip stitch through the third original chain stitch to join. You should now have a little bowl shape.

Clip the tail to about 1 cm and turn the bowl shape inside out. Stick one glass drop inside the bowl.

Trim the working yarn to a 15" tail and tie off, making sure everything is snug.

Now thread the tail through every other stitch on the previous row, so 3 total.

Pull tight.

That's one raindrop! Repeat 12 more times for a total of 13 drops.

Pop out the inner circle on your embroidery hoop. Using a tape measure, mark a hash mark every inch. You should end up with 13. [Be aware that I am using the Scribble Shop colored pencils for this. I don't think that really counts though...]

Now tie a raindrop on at every hash mark, varying the length of each. Snip off the extra. Brush mod podge over the hoop to seal all the strings in place. Let dry.

Using scissors [not nice scissors!], trim two popsicle sticks to 4.25".

Once the inside hoop is dry, put it back inside the outer hoop. With a hot glue gun, glue the popsicle sticks onto the bottom of the ring in an 'x' shape. It's ok if they don't make a perfect even 'x' because of where the raindrops are tied. Let the whole thing dry.

Now use a drill, awl or other punching tool to make a small hole in the middle of each 'x' prong. So four holes total.

Now let's make the happy raincloud! Using a marker, trace a cloud shape onto gray felt. Fold the felt so it's doubled over and cut out the cloud, inside the marker lines.

Use white embroidery floss and a basic running stitch and sew almost all the way around the outside of the cloud, joining the two layers.

Just before the end, stuff the cloud with some polyfill, then sew shut and tie off.

Cut a 'u' shape from a pink sticky felt shape. Repeat with two black ones.

Stick them on the front of the cloud for the two eyes and mouth.

Ok now it's time to put it all together. Using a needle and a 15" piece of floss, sew down through one popsicle stick hole, and up through the other hole on the same stick, so the ends are sticking out towards the top. [So the floss piece should be making a 'U' shape.] Repeat with another piece of floss and the second popsicle stick.

Now, grabbing all four ends of the floss, hold the embroidery hoop out so that all the raindrops are hanging freely. Adjust the lengths of the four flosses until the hoop hangs evenly. Tie the four floss ends together in that exact spot [one basic overhand knot with all four strands will work].

Thread two strands of the knot tail through a large needle, and sew it into the bottom center front of the cloud so that the two strands come out the back. [This picture is looking at the back of the cloud.]

Tie a knot with the other two floss strands. Cut the tails.

Add another floss hoop at the top of the cloud, then admire your new Happy Raincloud Mobile! Hang it near a window where the raindrops can glitter and sparkle in the sun.

Be sure to check out the Scribble Shop on facebook and twitter!

Full post disclosure here.


  1. Devon! You did such an awesome job, and totally rose to the challenge! I love what you made, and your photos are beautiful. And, I am also a huge fan of rain, so this rainy little mobile really makes me happy. :)

  2. This is so sweet and fun!! Love how you added the marbles as the raindrops! Too cute!!!

    1. thank you! i thought those little raindrops were the perfect sploshy raindrop size. :]

  3. CUUTE!! Love it! I especially love its face :) Great detail shots & instructions. I can definitely see myself making one of these down the road....

  4. oh. this is terribly delightful. and your photography is STUNNING!!

    1. oh thank you! my apartment is kind of dark so i always have to wait until the sun comes into a certain window, and then in a panic take the pictures as quickly as possible before the light moves. im glad you like them!!

  5. So cute! And I love how calming the rain is too.

  6. Stop! That's adorable. So creative, love it!

  7. Devon! Please send this to me, I love it. OKTHXBAI ;D

    1. hahaha nooooo i wanna keep it pleeease!! :]

    2. Hahaha! But seriously, you should sell plushies! You have a talent. Do you sell them?

    3. thank you! i don't at the moment...just sewing patterns and quilts...but apparently i should be selling plushies!

  8. That is absolutely adorable. Well done. I love the raindrop idea. You totally rocked this challenge. Glad to have found your blog.


  9. This is so cute!!! I never would have thought to crochet around marbles to make them more like beads, but that's a great idea! Congrats on being selected for the scribble shop challenge, I'd have to say you did great! thanks for the adorable post, as well.

  10. This is just about the most darling thing I've ever seen! Splendid job :)

  11. Hello! I just found you via handmade charlotte for the first time. I am cloud crazy and the idea to add the droplets is terribly sweet! I look forward to perusing your site! G at willowday

  12. Hi Devon,
    Thank you for participating in the Scribble Shop Challenge.
    Your Happy Raincloud Mobile is awesome, I like how you made the raindrops out of the gems, very nice!
    We are posting the finalist on our facebook page tomorrow, March 30th, 2012.
    Stay Tunned!

  13. As a guy I've never been too interested in sewing or making anything out of something besides Legos; but after seeing this, I don't think I've ever wanted to crochet so much in my life. But I think I'm a bit too old now to be asking my mum for lessons.

    1. haha i don't think you're ever too old to ask your mum for lessons

  14. Wow, that is so cute! I love the crocheted raindrop hangers!!!

  15. Aw, your mobile is too cute! I have this linked to my mobiles post too today - nice job!

  16. hello! I just wanted to let you know I featured your beautiful mobile in one of my color inspiration board, "Rainy Day Hues" with a link back here to your post.

  17. Found this perfect for today, wanted to let you know I gave you a great link back from my page

    Thanks for the great tutorial, I will take your idea and make something involving polymer clay just cause I don't sew or crochet, but I do love those little marbles makes it so sparkly !

    Take care, Tina

  18. OMG!
    This project is so adorable, easy cute, and is perfect.
    Thanks for share.💜💛💚💙❤👍


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