Monday, February 27, 2012

Sparkle Punch Baby Quilt

I have been waiting a long time for this day.

Someone I actually know is going to have a baby.

My obsessive love of quilting and the lack of reproducing people in my life has been a sad combination. But those days are over.

My cousin and his wife are expecting a little boy very soon. When I originally saw the Sparkle Punch quilt along on Oh, Fransson!, I pinned it right away, because I knew it was in my future. So I decided to make one for them as a present.

The design is basically just stars with wonky points that are nested instead of laid out in rows. The wonkiest ones remind me of comic book 'POW!' explosion bubbles, which I love. Perfect for a rambunctious little boy.

The color inspiration came from these beautiful knitted fingerless gloves from Red Pepper Quilts. Mmmm yummy colors. Not super gender-y either, which I like.

For the quilting, I finally successfully forced myself to do something other than loopy free motion. Hooray for personal growth! I turned the loops into points to mimic the points of the stars.

The back is one of my perennial sunshiney favorites, an Alexander Henry lemon print.

And the binding is gray polka dots. I do love a good polka dot.

This probably won't' be the end of these fabrics for me, I went way overboard when cutting squares and have a huge stack left over. Get ready for some patchwork...


  1. Well now I have to have a baby so I can get one of these awesome quilts.

  2. Awesome little 'doesn't scream boy' quilt. Sparkle Punch has been on my list too...but I haven't even gottan as far as picking out the fabrics!

  3. I love it, its rustic and modern and fun all together.

  4. Absolutely LOVE it! So darling!! I love the wonky stars :] Congrats to your cousin & his wife!

  5. The stars are SEW fun to make in a baby quilt. Nice job!

  6. This is absolutely gorgeous! Like, I LOVE IT! I want one. Wow. I love the wonky stars, and the colors you chose are just perfect (and non-gendery)! Major high five to you!

  7. What size did you end up making this quilt, i love it!

  8. This is one of my favorite quilt patterns and your colors and fabrics are just perfect. :)

  9. I love the red fabric....could i get some more info on it? Also the quilt is stunning!

    1. it's from the park slope collection by erin mcmorris for freespirit, but it's several years old. here's a link to freespirit's page about it:

  10. I don't understand after the stars are completed individually. How do you stitch them all together?

  11. What fabric did you use for the main colour? White or an off white?


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