Monday, December 12, 2011

Blue Moon Grand Cru

A little while ago I got the most amazing email.

It was from Blue Moon. A very nice lady there had seen my Blue Moon Cupcakes post and really liked it. So they wanted to send me some special edition holiday beer. ["!!!!!!!!!" was my approximate reaction.]

A few weeks later I got a box with a beautiful bottle of Blue Moon Grand Cru and a short stemmed glass in a blue velvet bag. I didn't know what Grand Cru meant, so I looked it up. A grand cru is a small batch Belgian ale brewed for special occasions.

The beer itself was a vibrant hazy orange. It was citrusy, spicy and rich, in the same flavor family as the usual Blue Moon but with more punch. Mmm!

Thank you Blue Moon! :]


  1. Yum, sounds great. I'm a big fan of blue moon

  2. My boyfriend waits all year for this beer to come out...he loves it!

  3. WHOA! Lucky girl!! Beer and cupcakes. I know 2 guys who are mighty jealous.


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