Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Window Mini Garden

Did you know that you can replant the roots of store bought green onions and have your own indoor crop? I didn't either, until a few days ago. [Thanks Pinterest!]

After trimming off the bulbs of some green onions for the tortilla soup I made the other day, I put a dirt-filled coffee can in a sunny window and planted three of the bulbs with the tops exposed and the roots pointed down. It's only been two days and they're already going to town.

Apparently you can keep snipping the green parts off and they'll grow back four or five times. I can't wait for freshly snipped green onions...


  1. Awesome! Now what about sweet or red onions....?

  2. i don't know! since you use the actual bulb of those kinds of onions instead of the shoots, i'm not sure how it would grow back, but it's worth a shot. i might try shallots next since they're small.


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