Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Climbing on the Hallowagon

After bombarding the internet with a surge of intensely Halloween inspired posts, I decided it was time to cut myself off from orange and pumpkin by starting a new, completely non-holiday-themed sewing project.

It's a simple KwikSew dress pattern that has a kind of retro vibe. I wanted to make a practice version first since it's my first time making a dress [with a zipper! gulp!]. I thought about buying cheap muslin but then I realized I could just use an old sheet I still had from my college days. I [hopefully] don't have any XL twin mattresses in my near future. Never mind that it's the color of medical scrubs. It's just practice, right?

And of course since it was a floor project, I had a helper in no time, more than willing to flop limply and unceremoniously into the very center of what I was doing.

Oh, Gingher dressmaker shears, you are a thing of beauty.

Thanks for your help, Hootie!

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  1. Love the line of that dress, can't wait to see the finished project!


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