Sunday, September 11, 2011

A Finished Quilt Top

Despite having jammed my thumb on Saturday morning tossing a football [hooray for football season!], this weekend I learned how to make a straw fedora and finished this quilt top.

Why the great state of Ohio? Because that's where I'm from. To make the pattern I used the same photoshop method as the Rush quilt that I posted about a couple of months ago. Check out that post for a full tutorial!

I think a nice squiggly free motion quilting pattern is in store for this baby. What about the binding? I'm thinking the navy and white star fabric. 

Oh hello, little equestrian accessories, you are one of my favorites.

And what about the fedora? It was millinery class at the Urban Craft Center taught by Corina Heywood. Maybe once I finish it [and if it looks remotely decent] I'll post some pics...


  1. Hello! I am a bit in love with this quilt! I really want to make one for Washington State (my fave!), but there are all these annoyingly small little islands in it. I've tried the picnik pixellate at many pixel counts, and can't seem to find a pic I like. I don't care about all the islands, but I should have two or three....but then it gets SOOOO tiny! It looks like you did blocks for Ohio...any thoughts on Washington State?
    Meanwhile, I'll keep trying. It's just a fabulous idea and thanks for the tutorial!
    danamic (at)


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