Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Candy Shop Quilt

After spending a majority of my crafty time in the kitchen recently, and after having a few different recipes turn out not so great [charred pumpkin granola anyone? how about some sour kiwi froyo?], the kitchen and I have decided we need a break from one another. That's usually how our relationship works. So I sat down and finally finished this quilt I started a while ago.

The goal was to do something a little more pieced and traditional that what I usually do. I've always wanted to make a jar quilt, where each block is pieced to look like a mason jar filled with whatever your fabric print is.

But that piecing seemed just a little too intricate for me to deal with. So I thought I'd make each block look like a piece of candy in a wrapper, and the different prints of fabric are like different 'flavors.'

It kinda works, right? It's pretty simple, just two half square triangles on each side of a square.

The back is delicious retro fruit fabric from Alexander Henry, and the binding is a cute little horseshoe print.

All in all I like how this quilt turned out. And I think it was good for me to have to do a repetitive block over and over. Discipline!

*UPDATE: The Candy Shop quilt has been listed in my etsy store.*

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