Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Another Quilt

Well, the three day weekend is over. Mine was filled with sunshine, relaxation, a barbeque, and some mild food poisoning. Ew!

So now it's back to the grind. This is my newest quilt I'm working on. Almost finished with the top. I think that goldenrod Heather Ross fabric with the miniature horseback riding accessories might be my favorite fabric ever, or at least in the top three.

And just a reminder...my modern quilting class is coming up this Sunday at the Urban Craft Center, so if you live in the LA area and are interested in learning how to quilt, I'd love to teach you! 


  1. I Like it!! Different than your usual Devon.

  2. I love that heather Ross fabric as well. I have some in the mustard and also in gray. I plan to use both pieces in a bag of some sort and hadn't thought of it in a quilt. I also love Heather's Seagull print--I have a few small pieces and it is the most beautiful fabric I have seen. I may use it on a cuff of a couple of pillow cases.


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