Monday, July 11, 2011

How to Make Candles

Well, how to make candles, more or less.

Sometimes you just need a craft day. You know, a slow couple of hours spent lulled into peaceful bliss by the comforting process of making something.

Today my friend Tiffany and I finally got our long-planned, several-times-rescheduled craft day. And we went to town.

We started with empty glass containers, candle wicks, frangrance oils, and a huge bag of wax I've been trying to finish off for about three years now [mission finally accomplished].

We melted wax down in 2 cup batches and added fragrance oils [about 1 tbsp frangrance per 2 cups wax].

After hot glueing our wicks down into our warmed-up containers, we poured the wax.

Thank goodness Tiffany labeled everything. Whew.

The wax slowly set and turned from buttery yellow to creamy white.

And then...we had candles.

Ahh, zen.

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