Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Neverending Blanket

Somewhere, in a deep, dark, infrequently visited corner of my least opened closet lies a graveyard of abandoned, unfinished craft projects. Spools of wire. Tangled embroidery floss. A dried out bottle of tacky glue.

Don't lie. We all have them.

 I'm doing everything I can to keep from surrendering this project to that closet. When I started crocheting this blanket out of wool yarn, the temperature was low and my nesting instincts were in full swing. The yarn was so cozy, the colors so beautiful, the pattern so simple. Just double crochet, over and over and over.

Six months later, and what I have amounts to [at best] a chunky scarf.

Must press on.

Hopefully someday I will finish and I'll be able to prove it by posting some pictures.

Until then...


  1. I love the stripe pattern with white between each one. What a cute, cozy blanket, for sure! My favorite thing to do, to keep from surrendering a project, is to give it a designated spot next to the couch/tv so whenever I sit to watch something, I can work on the project mindlessly. That way I can be lazy (watching tv) AND productive! haha. Best of luck :)

  2. I love the chunky stitches....makes the various colors more interesting. I say best of luck also. One freezing and windy night you will be rewarded!


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