Thursday, June 16, 2011

Getting Back Into Things + New Yarn!

In case you haven't noticed, Miss Make has been pretty lonely the last couple of weeks. Ready for my excuse?

I was on a family cruise through the Baltic Sea. Not a bad one, huh? We sailed from Stockholm and stopped in Estonia, Russia, Finland and Germany before disembarking in Copenhagen. It was an amazing vacation and I consider myself so lucky to have been able to see that part of the world.

dad, mom, me, brother

If I had things together a little better like my fellow blogger Megan over at radmegan, I would have had a whole slew of posts lined up and scheduled before I left. But, alas, I did not. Sigh. [That reminds me...keep an eye out on her blog for a guest post by yours truly in a few weeks!]

Now I've stopped in my home state of Ohio for a few days to recharge my batteries before returning to LA.  So of course I had to visit my favorite local yarn store, Yarn Cravin in historic downtown Perrysburg. I love this place. It's in a cute old craftsman style house, and every room is lined with shelves almost overflowing with skeins and skeins of luscious yarn.

On this visit I stocked up on some Lamb's Pride for the neverending afghan I've started crocheting [more on that later]. I also found the most amazingly soft and beautiful gray yarn called Flicker, made by Berroco. It's light and floaty baby alpaca with the finest silver threads running through it, giving it a subtle sparkle. I wish I could fully capture it in the picture. Now I just need to decide what to use it for...


  1. Welcome back! Totally jeal of your cruise. And that yarn is gorgeous. If you didn't capture the beauty in this picture, it must be overwhelming in person!

  2. Your post will be live this Thursday! I was in Norway while you were next door in Sweden. Nordic neighbors, yo. Hope you had an awesome trip! xoxo

  3. @Paula it really is so pretty!

    @radmegan YEAH! cross post ready to go. and hooray scandinavia!

  4. Oh, I am SOO jealous of your traveling to Russia & Copenhagen & the Baltic Sea! Those are on my list to see before I die. :) I'm sad I missed you back in Ohio. It would have been fun to say hi. Hope you got a good recharge, though. Those are always nice. :) I look forward to your guest post tomorrow!


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