Sunday, April 3, 2011

Homemade Makeup: Bella Faith Cosmetics

I have loved makeup ever since I hit about age sixteen. [I was kind of a late bloomer. But I guess at least I bloomed.] I don't wear a ton but I have a giant powdery drawer of it that I really enjoy rummaging around in. Putting on makeup is kind of like drawing on your own face, which for me = fun.

Lucky for me, I've got a friend that owns a homemade organic makeup company called Bella Faith Cosmetics. When the fabulous and talented Tiffany isn't working as a costume designer on movies and tv shows, she's making her own makeup from really pure ingredients. All the colors are natural and the shimmer comes from actual mica powder [a mineral]. She gave me some goodies to test, and I have to say, they're such little pots of powdery deliciousness that go on so velvety smooth and natural. And the shimmer is really even and gorgeous. [In these pictures I'm wearing a combination of Wishful and Hazelnut Coffee shadow.]

There's something really appealing to me about putting on makeup that is made entirely of naturally occurring substances, especially since it's going on the sensitive skin right by my eyes.

Right now everything on her website is 15% off. So check it out and stock up on some fun, organic stuff to play around with!


  1. very pretty model in the photos ;) didn't you used to watch your mom put her makeup on when you were a little girl?

  2. You are just so naturally beautiful... on you, less is more. And I think that the allure of the real, natural make-up fits you perfectly. :-)


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