Sunday, December 5, 2010

Tutorial: Felted Super Balls

You remember super balls, right? Those little gumball-like spheres of rubber that elicit chaotic, frenzied delight in children everywhere and always seemed to end up under a large piece of furniture. Such a simple game, bouncing and chasing, but somehow so fun.

When you wrap these little guys in wool and felt them down, they become even more irresistible. They are so light and soft, they don't feel like they should bounce at all. But throwing them down onto any hard surface makes them explode skyward with surprising energy. The wool makes them quieter and a little gentler to play with. Granted, they can still knock things over, and they'll still inevitably end up under chairs and couches, but the felt will soften all blows.

I had some of these on my table at the UCC's craft fair, and there were more than a few adults who couldn't help but smile as they gave into the urge to squeeze and bounce these soft little orbs. Kids absolutely loved them. Stocking stuffer alert!

To buy roving [cleaned, combed & dyed wool], first see if there are any yarn stores in your area. They often carry it. If not, the easiest place to find roving is online. It isn't very expensive and you can get it in any color imaginable.

[P.S. If you don't want to make your own, you can buy some in my etsy shop here!]

Felted Super Balls
Materials needed:
super balls or other small bouncy ball (available at toy stores or dollar stores)
wool roving
old pantyhose
lingerie laundry bag
rubberbands or string

1. Remove any stickers or labels from the balls.

2. Wrap each ball in wool roving. It doesn't have to be extremely thick, but make sure it is evenly distributed so that you cannot see any of the ball through the wool.

3. Put the ball into the leg of the pantyhose, making sure you hold the wool in place as you push it in. Use a rubberband or string to tie off the pantyhose so the ball is held firmly inside.

4. Continue with the rest of your supplies. Put the tied off pantyhose in the lingerie bag and wash it on the hot regular cycle of your washing machine with a little bit of detergent.

5. When it's done, cut the strings or rubberbands off the pantyhose and remove the felted balls. Trim any uneven surfaces in the felt with scissors. Place them on racks to dry.

6. Bounce away!


  1. Nerfs with Energy! Very cute...some added class to the plain old ball :) MMZEE

  2. That is so totally fun! I loved super balls when I was a kid. This is great!


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