Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Source: Purl Soho

It's hot and humid down here in Georgia and I'm insanely busy. The town square in Bainbridge is adorable and the rambling Victorian houses around it are covered in vines and Spanish moss. Yesterday, an amazing local lady brought homemade peach cobbler and sweet tea to our office. I can't even tell you how good it was. I'm going to try to track her down and ask her how she made the sweet tea. It was the best I've ever had.

Since I haven't gotten a chance to make very much over the last few days, I wanted to share with you one of my favorite websites. Purl Soho is a beautiful online store overflowing with gorgeous fabrics, yarns, patterns and tools. They also have two brick-and-mortar stores in New York City, one for fabric and one for yarn.

Sometimes I go on the website just to look at the photography. There isn't a single picture on there that's an afterthought. The styling is so pretty, window shopping alone is very satisfying. But you probably won't be able to resist buying something. It's very difficult, trust me.

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