Saturday, September 11, 2010

Georgia Bound + Semi-Hiatus

I received a phone call Thursday night for a five week job in small-town Georgia. On Saturday morning I got on a plane for Tallahassee.

Unexpected, I know.

I'll be working in the production office of an independent movie. It should be interesting, fun, hot and humid. I'm excited for the adventure, but that means I'm not going to get a chance to make very much over the next month or so. During a last minute panic attack about this upcoming craft drought, I did stuff some yarn and crochet hooks in my carryon, but I just checked the weather in Bainbridge, Georgia and it's 96, humid and stormy. So I probably won't be in the mood to do much crocheting.

I was planning to devote all of my crafty time next week to working on a quilt I'm trying to finish. It's a gift for someone, and I'm making it throw-sized, the biggest quilt I've attempted yet. It's a color scheme that's completely different from what I normally do:

But now it looks like that's going to have to wait. I actually did try to think about how I could bring my sewing machine, but finally admitted to myself that that would be ridiculous. I'm going to do my best, though, to keep blogging with pictures and fun etsy finds and hopefully a post or two about the cute yarn and fabric shops I discover.

By the way, I'm doing this post via the onboard wifi on my Delta flight. Isn't technology incredible?


  1. Perhaps you could do some "pocket piecing" like the ladies of the days of old. :O) Have fun!

  2. Wow... that's a pretty fast reaction time! Have fun!

  3. Devon, you need to learn how to make yo-yo's or hexagons. They are great small projects to take with you.
    Safe travels and let us know about any good quilt or yarn shops you happen upon. Take pics. ;)

  4. Good for you! I like what Cheryll said. I wonder if you could rent a sewing machine while you're there.

  5. Have fun Devon! Sounds like a great opportunity.

    I saw this post over at Design Sponge and thought you'd be interested ::


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