Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Easy Drawstring Bag Tutorial

This is one of myfavorite 'lunch break projects' from my job at the Urban Craft Center. We were able to craft all day if we wanted to, but the only time we were allowed to make something for ourselves was during our one hour lunch break. Everything else we made [very reasonably] belonged to the store.

Usually I would work on a quilt for an hour, but occasionally I wanted to make an entire project beginning to end for the gratification factor. This double compartment shoe bag fit the bill perfectly. It's really simple but is actually very functional. I have visions of the entire shoe section of my closet being organized and protected in bright, cheery shoe bags. [Said vision has yet to be achieved.] The center panel keeps the shoes from scuffing up against each other. They are also a great thing to use while traveling for keeping your shoes away from your clothes or your lingerie neat and untangled.

So if you've got a 1/2 yard of fabric and an hour to spare, give it a shot!

Easy Drawstring Shoe Bag
1/2 yard fabric
1 yard coordinating ribbon less than 3/4" wide
matching thread

1. From the fabric, cut out two rectangles that are 13" x 17" and one rectangle that is 13" x 15".

2. On larger rectangle, fold over long edges 1/8" toward wrong side of fabric, starting at short end and extending fold three inches. Press and sew along fold to create seam.

3. Starting on seamed end, fold short end over 1/4" toward wrong
side of fabric and press. Fold over another 1" and press. Sew right along bottom fold to create casing seam.

4. On smaller rectangle, fold one short end over 1/4" towards wrong side of fabric and press. Fold over another 1/4" and press. Sew along fold to make a seam.

5. Lay down one large rectangle right side up. Lay the other large rectangle on top of it, right side down, aligning the tops. Lay smaller rectangle on top of that, right side down, with top seam aligned with bottom casing of larger rectangle. Pin in place. [Don't worry too much about all sides lining up.]

6. Starting just under casing, sew around three raw sides of fabric with 1/4" seam allowance, backstitching at beginning and end. Zig zag all raw edges.

7. Clip corners and turn bag inside out. Thread ribbon through both sides of casing [I tied it onto a knitting needle]. Tie ribbon ends into a knot and trim excess. Put your favorite pair of shoes inside!


  1. These are great and look really good on that wall

  2. thank you! it's actually where I keep my jackets but I might invent an excuse to leave those bags there :]

  3. Great tutorial, Devon. I just love your drawings, too. We could all use lots of these bags. They would be great for keeping yarn projects contained. Very cute.

  4. Fun way to use that yard of material you just HAD to have-haha

  5. Hey something I maybe could handle..tho I would skip the inside center seam-haha!!

  6. Just found this! Pinned it and will make very soon! Thanks!

  7. I LOVED IT 👍😊 easy and cute bags thanks for share beauty work.


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