Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Cat + Quilt on Floor = Happy Cat

My cat Fox was "helping" me pin-baste my latest baby quilt today. Why must cats immediately lay down in the middle of anything you try to do on the floor? [That being said, he was much too cute to chase away.]


  1. Fox wants his own baby quilt.

  2. He is your tester...your quality control man. ;)

  3. awwww he's so cute and cuddly
    I miss my cats :'(

  4. Awwww.... Fox needs to come back to his his home in Ohio where he can play outside with his "cousins" and be a REAL cat!

  5. haha! he's blessing it! our cat allison does the same thing...i mean even if i've got my paperwork spread out on the table she'll lay on a piece of paper as opposed to the rest of the table...maybe they're long distant relatives...they look alot alike. your blog makes me smile by the way...trying to get my life organized because you're inspiring me to get back to my crafting.


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