Thursday, August 5, 2010

Cars & Critters Baby Quilt

Just wanted to put up a show and tell picture post. This is the latest baby quilt I've made, a gift for a little guy named Billy [how cute!]. I wanted to make something that was definitely for a boy, but not all pastel blue. I like how this combination of fabrics is bright and punchy and cheery. It just makes me think of long play sessions with matchbox cars and play-doh.

After I assembled the wide stripes, the yellow and white animals seemed a little empty, so I appliqued an outline of the hot rod in a red polka dot fabric [this was actually a suggestion from the boyfriend...must give credit where it's due]. The car silhouette is such a great one from the Echino screen printed fabric I used at the very bottom. All I did was copy the fabric at 250% then use the image as a stencil. I did a similar thing on the Hot Rod Baby Quilt that's currently for sale in my Etsy store.


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