Thursday, August 5, 2010

Cars & Critters Baby Quilt

Just wanted to put up a show and tell picture post. This is the latest baby quilt I've made, a gift for a little guy named Billy [how cute!]. I wanted to make something that was definitely for a boy, but not all pastel blue. I like how this combination of fabrics is bright and punchy and cheery. It just makes me think of long play sessions with matchbox cars and play-doh.

After I assembled the wide stripes, the yellow and white animals seemed a little empty, so I appliqued an outline of the hot rod in a red polka dot fabric [this was actually a suggestion from the boyfriend...must give credit where it's due]. The car silhouette is such a great one from the Echino screen printed fabric I used at the very bottom. All I did was copy the fabric at 250% then use the image as a stencil. I did a similar thing on the Hot Rod Baby Quilt that's currently for sale in my Etsy store.


  1. Billy will love this. Great fabrics!

  2. the car applique add really did turn out great!

  3. I'll buy one of those quilts with a car in it. My kid will love it. I hope you post some more pictures.

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