Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Garden Babies Update

The days have flown since I planted all those seeds in the ground, and my garden babies are babies no more.

Take a look at the size of the baby cornstalks in this picture. Now take a look at them today:

Right now the corn stalks are all releasing their pollen from the top of the stalks:

It's a fine golden powder that must drift down and hit the cornsilk peeking out below:

Each strand of the cornsilk [I recently learned] must receive its own individual grain of pollen. The strand then connects to a potential corn kernel that will only form if its silk is properly pollenated.

Right now all the zinnias are flowering:

And gorgeous morning glories open and close every morning, hiding from the hot sun behind protective leaves:

And here's one more gratuitous picture.


  1. Beautiful, Devon. You have a green thumb! You have been busy posting. I will have to do some catching up. Did you see my Teasel Doll?

  2. Wow, Devon, you have been busy! And as always, all of your projects are just perfect. You're so talented!

  3. wow....tiny no more... :)
    the flowers looks beautiful..
    and yes devon, u have a green thumb...lol

  4. Beautiful whimsical and informative---as usual Devon. Interesting about the silk, kernels and pollination. I'll never kill another bee!!

  5. oh i love morning glories!!


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