Thursday, October 8, 2009

Oriole Sachet

Today I was SO excited to discover a very happy email in my fox&hootie inbox.

The Mod Colonial baby quilt sold from my Etsy store!!!

This is my favorite quilt I've made so far. The Alexander Henry Birdseed fabric, the large oriole print in the center, is one of my most prized prints from my stash. 

I decided that for a little thank you, I would make a little lavender sachet out of it to include in the package with the quilt. Instead of doing a square, I thought it would be cool to sew around one of the birds in the pattern and make that the shape of the sachet. I had seen these adorable and easy little stuffed animals a little while ago, and they served as my inspiration.

All I did was fold the fabric in half, right sides together, and sew around one of the birds with about a .5" allowance. I cut it out, turned it inside out, filled it with lavender, then (slowly and carefully!) topstitched around the edge to close the opening and give it a nice finished look. It turned out so much cuter than a simple square, and it matches the quilt!

Maybe I should start selling these...


  1. Devon...that is GREAT news! I love the little oriole sachet...very original idea and I am sure the buyer will LOVE the extra thought.
    I am excited for you!

  2. hi devon, thanks for visiting my blog, and linking, and the mention! congrats on selling your quilt, that's awesome. and of course, i love your sweet little birdie sachet, the top stitching looks great.


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