Saturday, July 25, 2009

Mr. Ugly-Cat Cat Toy

Squishy soft creature + catnip = cat insanity. I made Mr. Ugly-Cat out of half of a fat quarter. I sewed on his felt features with embroidery thread, then stuffed him with a mixture of polyfill and catnip. This combo seemed to do the trick for Fox and Hootie. 

They tried to rip off his soft nose, carried him around by his eyeballs, and attempted to chew through his poor pink body. 

He was like a punching bag for all their kitty anguish and suppressed lion aggression.


When they were done with him, they sauntered away to take a dainty bite of their diet hairball control cat food, leaving Mr. Ugly-Cat face down on the floor to gather the remaining shreds of his dignity.


  1. Oh, Devon, this is so funny. Great pictures! Great story. ;) Poor Mr. Ugly-Cat. I hope he has a better day today.


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