Sunday, July 12, 2009

Edible Notions

Last night at my work there was a book signing party for an author named Christine Haynes. She released a book in April called Chic and Simple Sewing, a collection of over 20 patterns that are modern and cute but also easy and uncomplicated. I volunteered to make cupcakes for the event because I LOVE decorating cupcakes.

I used fondant to make little buttons and sewing needles. Up until now I've never wanted to use fondant because I think it tastes pretty bad, but then I stumbled on a recipe for marshmallow fondant. It's basically a cheat way to make it at home by melting marshmallows and adding powdered sugar to make a dough. It's easy to add flavoring to make it taste a little better than something you buy in a dusty box at Michaels.

Sadly I was too busy at the actual event to take any pictures, so these are the best I have, and there's a thumbprint on one of them, but they will have to do. Halfway through the night all 48 were gone...they were a huge hit!


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  2. Very impressive!! The buttons and needles look so real and the display is so cute. long did that take? A beautiful effort.

  3. They look too good to eat. Perfect!


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